Shree Manav Seva Sangh Hall.

Shri Vadilal Nathubhai Savani Sabhagrah

Shri Vadilal Nathubhai Sabhagrah also known as "Savani Hall".It is an air conditioned , Decorative and spacious popular hall due to its location being easily accessible.Marriages, cultural programs, Religious functions and Annual General Meetings are held here.

Smt. Margaben Jayantilal Rajpal Shah & Smt. Lilavanti Somchand Shah (Gholani) Dining Hall :-

This is beautifully designed Air Condition dining hall for large functions. It is most Convenient for catering for those utilizing Savani Hall

Shri Gambhirchand Oomedchand Shah Hall :

With small capacity this hall caters to small functions like Birthday celebrations, farewell Parties, Get-to-gather, Music programs and Religious functions

Smt. Bharatiben Rameshchandra Shah Hall :

This hall has sitting capatity for 300 persons with moving capacity for 350 to 400 persons is on the six floor with catering services in the same hall. The hall is known for marriage function, Lectures, Conferences, Parties and Family functions.