SHREE MANAV SEVA SANGH is a Non-Profit Organization in the field of welfare activities for the Orphan Children and less Privileged Women & Senior Citizen. It has a Mission to shape and impact the lives of orphaned, abandoned, destitute, Helpless Children and Women.

From the very modest start in 1924, of giving food and shelter to poor and needy, the institution has grown into a model social service organization for all the needs of these children and women, Bringing out their potential to be a good citizen and lead a useful life in the mainstream society.

The sangh has steadfastly adhered to this objective and has continued to add need- based activities. The citation in the prestigious Aahalyabhai Holkar Award that the Institution received from Govt. Of Maharashtra, praises activity that we are doing under one roof for Children and women.The urge of social service amongst three humble employees of J. J. Hospital in 1924(More than 85 Years) saw the beginning of SHREE MANAV SEVA SANGH

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Siddhidaben Trivedi
President & Trustee
Family Background:

Born in a well known cultured and scholarly family of Ahmedabad – father Girjashankar H. Joshi, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi and mother, an active participate in the early Satyagraha days thirties. Married into another leading family of Ahmedabad known for its contribution to education of girls in the city of Ahmedabad in early twenties. Father-in-law belonged to the Indian police service and was inspector General of Police. Husband was a senior Executive in House of TATA’s and was engaged in business and industry as director of several firms.

Social Activities:

Active Social worker for the last 5 decades:

  1. Started work with Gandhi Sevasena and Hindustani Prachar sabha under Guidance and training of late Mrs. Perinben and Mrs. Khursheedben Caption, Grand daughters of Dadabhai Naoriji.
  2. Took Hindustani and Urdu classes for uneducated Muslim women and girls in immamwada, a backward and very conservative area of central Bombay.
  3. As an active worker of the society for the prevention of Juvenile Delinquency headed by late Mrs. Krishna Huthisingh. Gave lessons in basic knowledge to girls and boys in custody of Government Remand Home. Umar Khadi, Mumbai for three years worked as a Honorary Probation officer in Children’s aid Society and Promoted by the government of Maharashtra to wean away children involved in offences, was mostly allotted cases involving girls force into a life disgrace.
  4. Was associated with Indian council of Social Welfare whose chief patron is the President of India. As one-time chairman of their fundraising Committee, helped the council to start a number of new projects. As the chairman of the National and International Program committee, helped in starting the rural project at Angaon, a very backward area of Maharashtra and also community aid and sponsorship Programs which helps the children of Leprosy affected parents. The project included helping the mentally handicapped and economically deprived children in the entire state of Maharashtra. She was the Honorary Treasurer and Chairperson of the Adoption Scrutiny committee of the Organization. Was actively connected with the Maharashtra State Branch of Indian Council of social welfare.
  5. Was also an active Member of Foster Care Group, Bapnu Ghar Committee Maharashtra state Women’s council. National Adoption Promotion Council which helps Indian Adoption of destitute children.
  6. Was president of National Sponsorship council. The organization which sponsors more than 500 children for education.
  7. Was convener of Day Care Centre for elderly at Worli, Mumbai managed by Maharashtra State Women’s Council.
  8. For the last 6 decades deeply involved in welfare activities with Shree Manav Seva Sangh, especially the orphanage in Sion Mumbai. For 24 years was its Honorary secretary and is the president & Trustee of this institute since 1987. This is a “Fit Person institution” under Maharashtra Government rules and is looking after discarded, destitute orphan children without distinction of caste or creed or religion. Besides providing the children educational vocational training programs and also takes the responsibility of rehabilitation of underprivileged children. The institute also a runs medical centre, Creache centre for children of working parents, Multi-Language Library, Child Guidance Clinic, Day Care Centre for the Aged, Industrial Training Institute, Vocational Training Centre and Senior Citizen Home.
  9. MRS. SIDDHIDA TRIVEDI is the Trustee and Secretary of Gandhi Smark Trust and is an active member in the Trust.