Most of the children are without parents or are victims of adverse circumstances such as broken homes, alcoholism, drug abuse and domestic violence. The institution puts in all efforts to create a socially and emotionally balanced atmosphere for the child and victimized mother. The rehabilitation approach is holistic with the aim towards overall physical, social, emotional growth of the children and ultimately integrating the child with society. We had 137 children.

The institution has provided the services of trained social workers, expert counselors and a Child Guidance Clinic, remedial education centre and Autistic centre.

Educational And Vocational Training Program :

Each child receives the best of education in a well managed reputed private schools. Regular Psychological and Aptitude tests are conducted to find out and help the child to focus in their latent talents. Tutors are appointed to monitor their day to day studies. Extra coaching classes are conducted in subjects such as English Maths and science for higher class students. The Educational facilities are given from Montessori to graduation and also vocational training courses.

Cultural & Recreational Programs For Children :

Child‘s life revolves round play and games for a creative mind. Games. Sports and extra curricular activities are encouraged to have a healthy physical and mental health. There is festive spirit throughout the year full of fun and zeal celebrating festivals such as Makar Shankranth, Holi, Guddi Padava, Gokulastami, Rakshabandan, Dassera, Diwali and X‘mas.Flag Hoisting ceremony followed by an entertainment program with patriotic themes was held on independence day and Republic day.


Sudents from Tata Institute of Social sciences , Nirmala Niketan, and SNDT College placetheir students for field work training programs here for two to three months. They interactwith our children and also conduct lectures and programs for the children. Thus the children gain self confidence and improve their communication skills and personality development. Students from Medical colleges and Hospitals also visit the institute as a part of the community program in their field of project studies.

Rehabilitation Programs :

Every child has a right to be brought up in a nurturing family. Adoption as a program for rehabilitation of orphaned and destitute children is one of the pioneering efforts of SMSS . Over the years we have seen the changing attitudes and increasing awareness at societal level and acceptance of adoption in life. We have been ensuring child rehabilitation through adoption, Foster care, Education, Vocational Training , Employment and marriage.


Adoption is a program for rehabilitation of orphaned and destitute children. It is one of the pioneering efforts of SMSS. Over the years we have seen the changing attitudes and increasing awareness at societal level and acceptance of adoption as a viable option for children in need of such care.

The department helps the childless couples to find happiness in life and the void is cemented. Today even ones with biological child and singles come forward to adopt a child . we promote in-country and inter country adoption.

We organize various counseling sessions with adoptive parents to make them feel at ease, clear all their doubts and concerns. Home visits are made and interviews are held and simultaneously assist them with legal formalities.

During the period under report, 10 children were given in adoption.


The Foster care program is an initiative of the Maharashtra government to prevent institutionalization of children in difficult circumstances. It is an important non-institutional service for children whose biological family is unable to take care of them for short or extended period of time.

Under this Balsangopan yojana, we take care of 45 children by giving them foster homes with family environment. Preference is given to placement of children in related families. The state government gives financial aid to these children.

The social worker keeps in regular touch with the foster family and the school for the holistic development of the child. These children are blossoming in their foster families.


This program for weaker section of our society handles 120 children and helps the child to complete his education and thereby the process of rehabilitation. The social workers keeps a close liaison with the school system and also helps the school to understand the destitute child.

To bring about an attitudinal change in the child, the school is of utmost importance. The child develops positive attitude towards self.

This program also covers students pursuing their higher education, professional courses and Children with special needs. The child in crisis situation is provided counseling and rehabilitation therapy under this program.