The autism center was established in the year 2002. With the growing awareness of the people about autism and other disorders, it became the need of the hour to reach out and lend a helping hand to such children and parents and help them in their struggles of daily life.

The focus of the center is a diagnosis therapy & the problem & set up a the rapeutic programed for the child after studding social background of the child.

The parents are also educated about handling techniques of the behaviors manifested in the children.
Along with autism, we also provide therapy to all children with other disorders like Down's syndrome, Mental Retardation, Developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, etc.

There is a team of professionals working together at the center to help in the all round development of the child.

Our services include:

1. Occupational therapy
2. Physiotherapy
3. Speech therapy
4. Special Education
5. Therapeutic Sports
6. Activities of Daily Living
7. Counseling- Parent and Child
8. Social Integration
9. Group therapy
10. Hydrotherapy
11. Art and Craft
12. Behavior Modification

We not only look after the therapy part of the regime but also the social integration of the child wherein the children are taken for social outings like the mall, movie theatre, the park, the market, etc.

One-to-one sessions are the speciality of the center due to which we are able to provide children with individualized therapy regimes according to their issues.

It has and will always been our goal to reach out to children of all classes and provide services required for the betterment of the children at very affordable rates.


The Occupational Therapy Center at Shree Manav Seva Sangh is a fully equipped set up established in the institution to meet the growing demands of therapy for children with various disorders.

The center caters to children of all disorders including:

1. Autism
2. Cerebral Palsy
3. Developmental delays
4. Mental Ratardation
5. Down's Syndrome
6. Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder
7. Sensory Processing Disorders
8. Learning disabilities
9. Academic backwardness
Any physical deformities

The Occupational therapy center functions on all days of the week and caters to children from the Autism Center, Remedial Center as well as Children who come on an OPD basis.

The services provided to the children are:

1. Assessments and testings
2. Sensory Integration therapy
3. Functional Occupational Therapy
4. Gait Training and Modification
5. Cognitive dysfunctions
6. Gross Motor and Fine motor Training
7. Higher Brain functions enhancements
8. Neuromusculoskeletal strengthening and functioning
9. Behavior Modification
10. Counseling regarding the disorders and treatment regimes

The Therapy regimes are fully individualized and are based on the issues faced by each child. A suitable home programed is give to care takers on a regular basis.

We, at the Occupational Therapy center, believe in making every child as independent as his condition allows and making his life and the lives of those intertwined with him as easy as possible.