The center was started in 1997. This is a unique center for children with learning disability, slow learners and Dyslexics.

We have expert team that includes special educators, speech therapist, occupational therapist psychologists and counselors to deal with these children. All attempts are made to integrate these children into the main stream of education. were taken to Malls, Markets, Gardens etc in nearby vicinity for recreation and social skill development. On an average 19 students take benefit from this centre every month. We have also set up a pre-school facility with special educator for 15 children to bring them on par with other children in reading, writing skills, behavior modification, socialization and sports. 

This is unique center for children with learning disability and slow learners. It is a multifaceted approach, remedial intervention plans to a child’s specific needs. It makes use of one on one instruction, small group instruction, written work, verbal work and computer based work.

Remedial therapy causes on skills rather than on content.  These skills include visual discrimination, perpetual, organization, laterality, sequencing, auditory processing, sound recongnization, mathematical operations, focusing etc.

                These are often children who function at a lower than average level because of a certain learning or behavioral problem/disorder, but it can also be offered to child who achieve at a higher than average level, they too can do with the extra attention and care.

                It involves working systematically observing, diagnosing, remediating, evaluating seeing to it that the child can remain at his/her school. Providing guidance to the child and the persons involved.


We cater to the children in the age group of 5-15 years. Its services includes educational assessment, Psychological testing, Occupational therapy, Counseling, speech therapy, psychiatric treatment. We have a child who comes on regular bases.

Set Up:-

On regular basis children come for 5 days a week we start with the prayers, exercise, education games, reading, writing, story etc. Once in a week we have drawing, group discussion, sports activities once in a month. Our set up is of Monday to Friday.


In OPD we have 45 minutes per session it is of 3 days a week. It includes the above regular activities.

                In remedial center we change the child’s whole personality and behavior. Here we try to make a child self-dependent and confident in his/her life. We try to improve child memory and develop manage skill. We have picnics and educational visit to market, mall etc. for children and parents. We have expert staff to deal with these children’s.